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2016-12-14 11:42:29 by Captain-Slow

I hate this site


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2016-12-14 12:07:42

:( sorry to hear that

Captain-Slow responds:

Yah beats me


2016-12-14 12:16:06

Why tho?

Captain-Slow responds:

I don't know, maybe it's from my skin disease, lost alot of hair lately and my skin is getting really red.
plus this site's comment section sucks, i couldn't write a separet comment, now i should respond to all these guys here.
wired how my art doesn't get as much attention


2016-12-14 12:33:43


well, uh..

fuck you then.

This is a solid site, by many metrics. So I don't even think you're being honest. If you hate yourself for example, that's certainly fine. It's easy to do and say that, here I'll show you: "I. Hate.. MYSELF."
Just like that, see?
"I hate [jesus, or, my digital computing device, or airplanes, etc.]"--Acceptable
"I hate Newgrounds"(as said on Newgrounds)--UNACCEPTABLE

Captain-Slow responds:

thank you for your great support, you brought shine into my heart again :P


2016-12-14 12:44:07

Off-topic, if there actually is one here: Maybe it's because I personally like the look of your art (I either want stuff to be super professionally good or completely unprofessional yet uniquely interesting), but is there a given reason why your stuff isn't on the Art Portal? I'm no artist, so I only go by what I do and don't like. My favorite being the Indigenous Australian knight!!! image for no better reason than because it's colorful. I like 4 for the same reason.

Captain-Slow responds:

yah all the art you saw was like really old, and i only uploaded them so that my art for the contest my enter the public pool.
Sadly I Lost :P and wasn't even featured in the Aall runner ups, and i don't know how to delete this account


2016-12-14 14:22:17


(Updated ) Captain-Slow responds:

I don't know, maybe it's from my skin disease, lost alot of hair lately and my skin is getting really red.
plus this site's comment section kinda sucks, i couldn't write a separate comment, now i should respond to all these guys here.
weird how my art doesn't get as much attention


2016-12-25 06:30:59

It's a good site man, don't hate the site. :) As for your art not getting much attention: there's just a LOT of art out there, and never enough people to be active on all of it, and the bigger the place the worse the competition.

Can't answer for everyone, but I assume the reason you're not scouted yet is probably because you have a somewhat sketchy, WIP-like style, usually without backgrounds. They look good, but also a bit rushed and unpolished, and since the work of the people they scout always being on par with portal standards is a scouter's responsibility that feels like a dangerous impression. No ill will, just hoping to explain the reason. Nobody wants to get unscouted for scouting someone that a mod might not think lives up to standards on quality and effort.

About that skin disease btw, is it by any chance Psoriasis? My brother has that (too, if you do).

Captain-Slow responds:

Yah i see, it's a bit weird though to think about it,
yah i certainly rush things off at the ending touches cause i'm always short on time, but at the same time it's unfair to be unscouted, guess you guys might fix that.
not really here for the views or anything XD i'm just making a dramatic humor just to not feel bad about my self.
I actually have Eczema which my body didn't grow out of it from my weak immune system, plus i couldn't get it's medication cause the last medicine i had was band, and i should take another prescription but i couldn't leave my house for the busy study's a long story.
but anyway Hope your brother gets is Ok though, i heared Psoriasis was far advanced. and thanks for your help.


2016-12-25 07:28:09

Oh, someone did scout you earlier? Did you get any message about why you were unscouted? If not it could be the one who scouted you was unscouted for other reasons. The system's a bit like a tree that way, so if one branch breaks off it'll affect everyone.

Hehe, alright, good to hear it's not so drastic. :) Though course you'd want views! We all do.

Sorry to hear about the Eczema thing. My brother's actually doing OK - lifestyle and diet changes can have a big change on how that spreads, so for example the more you stress, the worse it gets, and he's managed to improve it by just winding down, and paying attention to what he eats. It goes in waves for him, bit more during winter; less in summer (maybe because of sun, D-vitamin etc). If the thing you have is any similar, maybe that'd be a way? With that busy schedule sounds like you might have plenty of stress, but either way, hope it gets better!