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in the past month or so this guy TheShadling,, dare i not call him an artist cause an artist is someone who is able to creat decency of expression, and preferably being labbled as a dull hand,,

as many might not know I'm a Muslim, and Shad here was creating this art parody called the "Asslam" where he pictures a middleastern woman wearing Niqab while poseing in a Nude form; calling the Wemon as prostitutes and degrading them.

Aside from the point of his insulting imagination and his Subnormal sexual fetishes of that of a confused 13 year old, if he wanted to make this fictional OC of his wear the Middleastern Cover headwear,, being techniqal as Niqab isn't an islamic only wear as also some Orthodox Jews, Drooz, Mazdayasna and other middleastern religions wear it,, I am Ok with that. But Jamming in Islam into the title's word play is a total Taboo, being Both Racist and Unethical and insulting both Islam and the women


2016-12-29 20:12:36 by Captain-Slow

i could feel the empteniss 

AGGGHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2

2016-12-24 20:35:54 by Captain-Slow

so I've recived a message from a guy called M-Bot, he apparently explains that my art labled Neon was banned cause i used a Phone Photo editing program on it, this my account was Labled and my entry of the Nonstop knight wasn't approved; M-Bot fucked my art, Give him a big old clap and THE ASSHOLE!!!! of the years award 

just to get things clear Photoshop is considered a photoediting programm, so if my art was banned for using such program (though it's a mobile app that doesn't do much more than a Blure effect) why wouldn't we all ban the digital artists for doing the same thing ha? why don't we ban all the Newgrounds useres for using photo editing programs HA ASSHOLE?!!!

in conclusion, Sadly M-Bot is a moderator who blocks private messages, M-Bot's childlish behaviour would be never forgotten and i'll share hatred towards him tell the day of our deaths and hopefully he get reincarnated as an ASSHOLE sniffing Pig.

thank you for the guys who are reading this 1 year after i posted it, you guys are the best.

I hate this site